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The Classic Combo is a Party maker! 13x13 bounce house and 17' Slide make this a Bounce House favorite! Basket Ball Goal inside!

Dry: $180.00


13x13 Bounce House and 17' Slide Sports Combo!

The Best of Both Worlds!

Available Wet or Dry!


Wet-$200.00 (w/pool & mister)

This is our most popular Birthday party rental! Basketball goal inside!

2 LN Combo is New and lots of fun! Basketball and 2 obstacles inside Bounce house. 2 Separate lanes on Slide. Wet $210 or Dry,$190

Huge 15x15 Bounce House!

The Classic Favorite!


We called them moonwalks back in the day, but wow, these are much bigger and nicer! #1 all time party rental.

Tropical Combo:13x13 bounce house and a 17' slide. Basketball goal inside!



New! Side Classic Combo has 2 Basketball Goals, bounce area with obstacles and a big wide slide cushioned bottom!


wet- $210 

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